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Des Yates
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I am slowly getting my 8 ready for the road and starting to reassemble the engine

The car is very original and I want to keep it that way.  I have bought some engine paint from the Austin Counties car club but it is nothing like the colour of the engine in the car - it looks more like british racing green and may be for later cars.

Any ideas where I should be looking?  What is the name or reference of the correct colour?

I have also seen adverts for MOWOG green but my engine looks a lighter shade than that.



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Posts: 26

Any paint on my 8 would have long faded away.

But have a scroll through the original colour brochures that Hermann Egges has downloaded. It is not conclusive but seems to me to show the engine components be a dark grey or black.

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Ian Macrae
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Hi Des

My Austin 8 is 1939 and the engine was painted a dark green with red oxide primer undercoat and in places there was a light green colour. The valve cover was painted the same colour as the engine. I stripped off the dark green and below was a much lighter green, no red oxide but a grey looking undercoat underneath. I think it was a light green but what exact colour im still trying to work it out


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