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Hello where to begin? we have an Austin 8, 1939 black that has been sitting for some time and believe it or not it ran when we parked it. Its been up on jack stands and covered for many years. We live in California and we don't see Austin 8's on the road at all. Some times I wonder how many there may be in the united states. Anyways the car is complete, glass all intact no tares in the inside but its a bit old and needs some work. I would like to sell it but don't know what its worth or who to call for an appraisal if they even do that. please help thanks will post some pics soon
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Hi, I have just sold my fathers 1946 eight, we sold at £1300.  Since then I have been offered more upto the original asking price of £1750.  There were others who tried to offer ridiculously low numbers.  Hold out and you will get your price.

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