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good day to you all.

I am busy restoring a 1947 Austin 8 , but this one has a metal sliding sun roof .

If there is anbody that can help me with drawings or pictures or a parts book as to how the sun roof works and how it fits into the roof. 

All help would be appreciated.

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Andy Fisk
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On my 47 eight, the sunroof fits directly onto the body shell sun roof opening, there are no seperate runners. The back appears to just "drop in" and at the front there are two channel sections on a trangular plate one either side. The channel runs along the lip of the Sunroof opening and each triangle has a couple of tabs to locate it on the sunroof and a screw to secure it. The locking mechanism at t he back of the sunroof is operated by the handle. A bar runs accross the back of the sunroof whith a "U" shape bent at either end. when the "U" is vertical (as viewed from the bottom of the "U") the sunroof should be locked, when it's horizontal (Parrallel with the roof of car) the roof should slide.

Hope this is of some assistance. To be honest, the pictures in the Master Parts list are not much use.

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Simon Smith
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that's the info I needed too! Thanks.

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