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Hermann Egges
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Recently, I obtained a book, which contains the Austin Eight register, up dated till 1993. This book was published by Ian Piniger.

The book is one out of 500 pieces printed. It contains information about, owners, registration details of Austin Eights known till 1993, from all over the world.

Can anyone tell me if this register was contineud, or if there is any other register related to the Austin Eight.

All information would be welcome.      

September 8, 2011 at 11:47 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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I also would love to know if there is an updated register. I recently purchased the same book, and to my surprise, found the Austin 8 I'm restoring was one included in the register.

Would also love to know what happened to my car between then and now, as it's condition has gone downhill dramatically in that short time frame, and had only gained another 6500km's.

Also of interest is the fact I've just purchesed another Austin 8, which was on the road and being used as a daily driver at the time of this books publishing, but it's not on the register. Makes me think there must be ALOT more Austins out there...

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