History & register of the Austin Eight

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British vans & pick ups 1945-1965

New title in 2013. The book British vans and pick ups by Rinsey Mills.

In this book the manufacturers, large and small, are dealt with in A-Z order, from Austin to Trojan. The author gives a brief history of each and then provides individual coverage of the models produced, using material from brochures and advertisements for the illustrations, not only to identify the vehicles but also to give the flavour of the times when they were to be seen going about their business.

The Austin Eight Van is presented in this book as well by using the brochures from the Austin Eight Register archives. Also a few brochures were used out of the private collection of Hermann Egges. 

  • 192 pages, hardback.
  • 270 x 210 mm.
  • 400 colour & black and white illustrations.
  • ISBN 978-1-906133-31-3
  • GBP 35,00 

 This book is available via www.herridgeandsons.com.



Seeing Britain & the continent from an Austin

Seeing Britain & the continent from an Austin, written by Alison D. Murray, was compiled and produced for The Austin Motor Co. around 1935. The introduction of this book is written by Sir Herbert Austin. The book contains information about possible journeys through Britain and Europe. The book contains several images of the British landmarks, made by Margaret Holman.


Britsh cars of the late thirties 1935-1939

You might expect the Austin Eight to be in the book, British cars of the late thirties, from the Olyslager library. But unfortunately there is no sign of any Austin Eight in this book.

This book was published in the 1970's and was reprinted afterwards. Also in the reprints, no sign of any Austin Eight. Was the Eight already forgotten in the seventies ?

Austin 8 Register by Ian Pinniger 1993

Austin Eight register by Ian Pinniger.
The book below is one of the 500 books published by Ian Pinniger in 1993. This 358 page book contains a brief history about the Austin Eight, brochures, road tests, articles and a register of 210 Austin Eights. The book contains a one page summary for each Eight which is in the register. Most of the Eights mentioned in the register are completed with one or more photographs.
The book is published in black and white, except for the cover and brochures section. Also a small selection of photographs for each type of the Austin Eight are published in color.
To see the coloured cover of this book, click here, or on the image below.
This book is nr. 179 out of 500.

Britsh cars of the early forties 1940-1945

You might expect the Austin Eight to be in the book, British cars of the early forties, from the Olyslager library. In this book there is indeed a military Austin Eight tourer described and pictured. But unfortunately there is no sign of any other Austin Eight in this book.

Britsh cars of the late forties 1945-1949

Okay last chance. You might expect the Austin Eight to be in the book, British cars of the late forties, from the Olyslager library. Sorry In this book also no sign of any description or photograph of the Austin Eight either. It seems we just have to live with the fact that there seems to be no book telling anything about the Austin Eight. You are lucky, you have found this web page. 

Art Deco and Britsh car design

Below you will find the book, Art Deco and British car design, written by Barrie Brown and published by Veloce in 2011. This books describes the Art Deco design used in British car design. Well known are the Art Deco Style Air line and Stream Line cars.

In this book the Austin Eight is not mentioned. But believe me the Austin Eight should be in this book for sure, because the design of the Austin Eight is absolutely Art Deco style. Look at the door handles, the bonnet handles, the dash, the meters and of course the Air Line shaped body of the Austin Eight => definitely Art Deco.   

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